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Cambodian first green rattan products experience in Southeast Asia

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04 April 2013
13 March 2013 – With technical support from WWF, the Rattan Association of Cambodia (RAC) brought over 10 green and clean rattan products to display at the Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) in Bangkok. Attended by approximately 15,500 local visitors and 4,500 international trade investors, this five-day exhibition aimed to provide private companies, associations and communities with the opportunity to meet potential buyers from countries around the world.

Joining the event, Mr. Ou Ratanak, WWF’s Rattan Project Manager said that this is a good learning experience for the RAC because it is the first time that the RAC has displayed their products and communicated directly with international buyers at an event.

“Even though we were attending the event for the first time, we were getting a lot of attention from international buyers. Many potential buyers expressed their interest in visiting Cambodia to see the rattan products before placing a purchase order for them from Cambodia,” he adds.

In 2011, RAC expanded its network by becoming a provisional member on the board of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), representing the fair trade chain from production to sale. As a member, the RAC promotes the growth of sustainable and standardized rattan products in the international market.

The Thailand International Furniture Fair takes the RAC a step further towards international market integration as the event creates the opportunity to meet international buyers and expand the Southeast Asian niche in the international furniture market. The fair was supported by the Department of International Trade Promotion within the Ministry of Commerce.

Cambodian green rattan products at the fair drawing buyers' interest
© WWF-Cambodia / Ratanak Ou
Cambodian rattan booth at the Thailand International Furniture Fair (TIFF) in Bangkok displaying green and clean rattan products
© Khmer Rachana Rattan Handicraft / Sovan Piseth