Announcement of Tender for Planting of Container Seedlings of Forest Tree Species in Georgia under the EU financed Project | WWF

Announcement of Tender for Planting of Container Seedlings of Forest Tree Species in Georgia under the EU financed Project

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01 April 2013
Closing Date for Submission of Tenders : 01 May, 2013

Publication reference : WWf-Caucasus-01/03-SRV-NCP-GEO-2013/ENRTP

WWF-Caucasus Programme Office (WWF-Caucasus) intends for procurement of service contract to be concluded with a contractor to provide services for Planting of Container Seedlings of Forest Tree Species in Georgia with financial assistance from the ENRTP programme of the European Union (EU financed Project “EU ENRTP Caucasus - Increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries through forest transformation” DCI-ENV/2010/221391- EuropeAid/128320/C/ACT/Multi) to be delivered in the following 1 Lot:

Lot 1 Planting of Container Seedlings

Lot 1 to be concluded in selected Forest Pilot Site at Tsavkisi (Municipaluty of Tbilisi) in Georgia.

Contract Description: Implementation of planting work in selected Pilot Forest Site (Tsavkisi, Municipality of Tbilisi) in specified by the Contracting Organization (WWF-Caucasus) locations within the above site.

The Service: The service will include a variety of silvicultural operations, such as:
• Site Preparation (site preparation on pilot forest site)
• Planting (planting of about 18,000 container forest tree seedlings – container seedlings will be provided by WWF-Caucasus)
• Watering
• Other measures prescribed in the Tender Dossier.

Time Frame: The service should be performed in November-December of 2013.

The Tender Dossier: The Tender Dossier (including Tender Form for submission and its annexes) is available from WWF-Caucasus, Merab Aleksidze Str. 11, 0193 Tbilisi, Georgia, Tel.: + (995 32) 237 500, Fax: + (995 32) 237 501 and on this web-page for download – Tender Dossier SRV Container GE - in both Microsft Word and PDF versions.

Budget: Maximum budget available for this contract will be equivalent to 12,600 EUR without VAT.

Submission of Tenders: The tender comprises of a Technical offer and a Financial offer and these must be submitted in separate envelopes.

Tenders must be submitted using the double envelope system, i.e., in an outer parcel or envelope containing two separate, sealed envelopes, one bearing the words "Envelope A - Technical offer" and the other "Envelope B - Financial offer".

Each Technical offer and Financial offer must contain one original, clearly marked "Original", and 3 (Three) copies, each marked "Copy".

All parts of the tender other than the financial offer must be submitted in Envelope A (i.e., including the Tender submission form, statements of exclusivity and availability of the key experts and declarations etc.).

Any infringement of these rules (e.g., unsealed envelopes or references to price in the technical offer) is to be considered a breach of the rules, and will lead to rejection of the tender.

On how to arrange double envelope system please see as an example double_envelope_system.pdf in the previously announced service tender documentation under the current EU project at the following link:

Tender Submission Form: On how to fill in and submit tender submission forms and their annexes please see as an example files: Model Technical Offer - Envelope A.pdf and Model Financial Offer - Envelope B.pdf in the previously announced service tender dossier under the current EU project at the following link:

Deadline: The deadline for submission of tenders is: 01 May, 2013 15:00 Local Time at WWF-Caucasus.

Clarifications, Questions and Contact Information: 

Tenderers may submit questions only in writing (or by e-mail) to the following address up to 21 days before the deadline (10 April, 2013) for submission of tenders, specifying the current publication reference number and the tender title:

Mrs. Nana Meskhoradze, Authorised Officer
Merab Aleksidze St. 11
0193 Tbilisi, Georgia
Fax: + (995 32) 2-237-501

Any clarification of the tender dossier will be published on the following website:

WWF website:

at the latest 11 days (20 April, 2013) before the deadline for submission of tenders.

The WWF-Caucasus has no obligation to provide clarifications after this date.

Any prospective tenderers seeking to arrange individual meetings with the WWF-Caucasus during the tender period may be excluded from the tender procedure.