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Day 4: “Right now I am in the Heart of Borneo, this is Kick Andy on Location”

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07 February 2013
The dining room was empty when I came down for breakfast. Most of the team had already left for the airport. We were expecting the second team to arrive around 9 am. The host, Andy F. Noya (who recently changed his signature hairstyle by going bald), Lisa Luhur from Media Group, Devy Suradji and Christina Eghenter from WWF-Indonesia flew from Tarakan this morning with MAF.

I could tell the team was really getting prepared for Bang Andy (his nickname). He has been a journalist for more than 30 years, and was Chief Editor for Media Indonesia and Metro TV. He started Kick Andy in March 2006. In my personal opinion, if the US has Oprah then Indonesia has Andy F. Noya – and like most successful hosts in inspiring and top rating talk shows, he is known as a perfectionist.

Ibu Devy had texted me earlier that they were a bit late due to final preparations. While waiting, me and Lala (senior producer) were happy being models. We enjoyed the clear blue sky, white puffy clouds, layers of green hills and an empty runway as our background. Then around 10am, we saw the plane approaching. Yay, they were coming! But the plane was taking another flyover. Suddenly the ground officer said that the camerapersons were on the way. The plane finally landed after they moved a bit further.

Bang Andy was in his blue hat and polo shirt. After greeting everyone there, he was ready for the shoot. “Right now I am in the Heart of Borneo. This is Kick Andy on Location” – those were his opening lines. The Kick Andy show is usually taped in the studio so having a location type of show is really something special.

Then we all went back to hotel. After freshening up, we started again. From hotel to Telecenter, Pak Lewi and Pak George and some of FORMADAT were already there. Then Bang Andy interviewed them. I was surprised how relaxed Pak Lewi and Pak George were as they answered all Bang Andy’s questions. From the Telecenter we headed to the Indonesia-Malaysia border. During the way there, they continued the talk show on the back of the truck.

I was so amazed on how smooth the shooting was. Pak Lewi and Pak George as spokepersons from FORMADAT shared inspiring stories. At the border point, between Indonesia and Malaysia, I remembered that Pak Lewi (stood on the Indonesia side) and Pak George (stood on the Malaysia side) were shaking hands as a symbol of partnership and brotherhood.

The Cultural Field School was the last stop. We were welcomed with traditional music and dances from Pak Ilyas and his students. We were treated to fresh and delicious ‘slow cooked’ food. And right there I fell in love with black Adan rice.

If you happened to miss the show, you can still watch it online and be inspired by the wonderful people from the highlands of the Heart of Borneo.
Kick Andy on location
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Taping on the back of a 4WD
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Andy F Noya & FORMADAT Elders
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Cristina explains WWF's support for FORMADAT
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FORMADAT leaders at the border
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