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Learning Session 8: REDD+ and Social Safeguards

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06 February 2013
WWF Forest and Climate Initiative’s online Learning Sessions are free and designed to leverage and share REDD+ knowledge and expertise. Every month, we invite a REDD+ expert to present a webinar on a key issue, so that REDD+ practitioners around the globe can have access to the latest information related to REDD+. 

Thursday, February 14, 9am EST, 1500 CET
Minnie Degawan, WWF Forest and Climate Initiative Adviser on Social Safeguards, will discuss the importance of social safeguards in making REDD+ work and how to move from planning for safeguards to actual implementation. She will also provide an overview of how to know if social safeguards are being applied effectively, and will walk us through some examples of free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) case studies from the field.  
A full Q+A session will follow the presentation. 

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Minnie Degawan, WWF FCI Social Safeguards adviser
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