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Responsible Soy Reaches First Million Tonnes Certified

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04 February 2013
The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) has reached a milestone of having certified 1 million tonnes of soy. This milestone has been achieved in 2 years, as the RTRS certification scheme has been operational only since end of 2010. This achievement more than doubles the amount of soy certified under the programme in 2011, when 450,000 tonnes were certified. The RTRS has also seen good market uptake, with 91% of its volume already sold.

The RTRS aims to work toward a volume of 5 million tonnes of certified soy by 2015, in order to supply the growing demand from European retailers, brands and feed companies for soy that is produced without harming nature or people. In 2011, members of the Dutch food industry (representing 90% of soy used in the Netherlands) signed an agreement to work toward a 100% sustainable supply chain for their soy purchases by the end of 2015 (see interview).

Nineteen producers and representative organisations in Argentina, Brazil, India, Paraguay and Uruguay have already gone through the certification process, while several other soy producing countries have launched projects to encourage producers to do so.

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Soya or Soy beans (Glycine soja) plantation, Paraná, Brazil
© Michel Gunther / WWF