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"On the edge" in Belgrade

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14 November 2012
WWF Serbia’s photo exhibition “On the Edge” which tells about the plight of the most endangered species on Earth, is being shown as part of the Green Culture Festival in Belgrade.

“Our exhibition urges people to think about the problems of our beautiful but damaged planet”, said Dušan Žica, Communications Officer at WWF in Serbia. “The number of endangered plant and animal species, as well as threatened ecosystems is growing. One quarter of mammals in the world are globally endangered, one in three amphibians is threatened, and every eighth bird is about to disappear”, Žica said.

Green Culture Festival is an international festival of green culture combining film, art, education and “green” values into one. During the three days of the festival, visitors have the opportunity to see a rich programme of contemporary films about sustainability, a chance to learn about "green“ initiatives, artists, organizations and products and to participate in one of the educational programmes.

Among the selected films are multiple award winners, such as “The Island President“ about the former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed who was faced with the most difficult task - to protect his country from disappearing due to the effects of climate change.

WWF’s exhibition is part of the festival’s educational programme, which includes workshops and lectures. A special educational programme is offered to college students, including a debate on protection of natural resources in urban areas.

The Green Fest takes place from 14th to 16th November in the Cultural Center “Dom Omladine” in Belgrade.
WWF at the Green Culture Festival in Belgrade.
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