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Press briefing - Expanding the WindMade label to Renewables

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04 December 2012
Leveraging corporate strategies and consumer demand to mitigate climate change

4 December 2012, 10.30–11.00 am COP18, Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha

Press Conference Room 2


Angelika Pullen, WindMade,, +32 473 947 966 Kristen Coco, UN Global Compact,, +1 917-288-0787

Mandy Woods,, +27 82 553 4211

Moderator: Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC, and Chairman, WindMade

Speakers will include:

-    Lila Karbassi, Head, Environment and Climate, UN Global Compact

-    Adnan Amin, Director General, IRENA

-    Samantha Smith, Leader Global Climate & Energy Initiative, WWF International

-    Bragi Fjaldall, Vice President, Vestas Wind Systems and Board Member, WindMade

WindMade, the first global consumer label for companies powered with wind energy, is now firmly established. WindMade was launched in 2011 by a consortium including the UN Global Compact, WWF, Vestas Wind Systems, Bloomberg and PWC. A range of major global companies including Motorola, Deutsche Bank, Method and Becton Dickinson have already adopted the WindMade label to demonstrate their commitment to using renewable energy in their operations and manufacturing processes.

Progressive companies are responding to consumer demand for clean energy production. Studies show that consumers prefer companies that choose renewable energy. WindMade is now recognised as a meaningful, independent and credible tool for progressive companies to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy. The WindMade label helps consumers reward companies that invest in climate solutions.

Announcing WindMade plans for further innovations in consumer labels for renewable energy. At this press briefing, the high-level panellists will take stock of WindMade’s success to date and highlight the critical role that consumers and companies can play in addressing climate change. The panel will also mark the starting point of the development of an exciting new consumer label, as an extension of WindMade, that will recognise a wider variety of renewable energy sources.

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