More tiger rangers receive their postcards

Posted on 12 November 2012  | 
More tiger rangers have received their postcards that people from all over the world sent to them under WWF's Cards4tigers initiative, an action to promote the work of these unsung heroes working in the frontlines of tiger conservation.

The latest is the ranger team attached to Bardia National Park in Nepal. On a field visit to Bardia recently, WWF Nepal's communications director, Akash Shrestha, handed the postcards to Ramesh Thapa, the park's Assistant Chief Warden. Ramesh was clearly overwhelmed by the show of support and appreciation for their work.

Said Ramesh: "We are very thankful to everyone who has appreciated our anti-poaching work by sending us postcards. Such support and appreciation will surely inspire us in Bardia National Park as well as whole of Nepal to continue our fight against wildlife crimes."

Earlier on, we received photos of rangers in Cambodia's Mondulkiri Protected Forest. They too were overwhelmed with the show of support and like rangers in Bardia, have also pledged to work even harder to protect the forest and its wildlife.

In September, the rangers of Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve in Indonesia, received their postcards at a special event to mark WWF Indonesia's 50th anniversary. Rusli Siregar, the reserve's head ranger accepted the postcards on the rangers behalf.

We will post more photos of rangers with their postcards as we receive them. Watch this space!

Ramesh Thapa, Assistant Chief Warden of Nepal's Bardia National Park, receiving postcards sent to the park rangers under WWF's Cards4tigers action.
© WWF Nepal Enlarge
Rangers of Cambodia's Mondulkiri Protected Forest admiring the postcards they received from people from all over the world under WWF's Cards4tigers action
© WWF-Cambodia/Pin Chanratana Enlarge
Rusli Siregar, Head Ranger of Indonesia's Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve, receiving postcards sent to the rangers under WWF's Cards4tigers action.
© WWF-Indonesia/Try Harta Wibawanto Enlarge

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