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43 NGOs and Institutions call for stakeholder oversight of EU regional expenditure

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07 November 2012
(Wednesday, 7th November). WWF and 42 other partners have signed a letter to the European leaders asking for a genuine improvement in the partnership principle in Regional Policy. Between 2007 and 2013, Regional Policy invested €350 billion across Europe without a clear stakeholder oversight mechanism. This is despite the fact that relevant stakeholders can improve effectiveness and delivery of this policy.
The open letter asks for the full participation of the relevant socio-economic and civil society actors in the preparation and implementation of the future project partnership contracts and programmes. In addition they are looking for stakeholders to become active in the monitoring and steering committees. 
The 43 signatory organisations support a partnership approach that should become compulsory and be specified in the proposed code of conduct. Without this genuine multilevel governance and cooperation Cohesion Policy will fail to deliver for the environment, economy and society.

Quote 1: Sebastien Godinot, Economist at the European Policy Office
“Those who have signed up to this motion come from a range of important civil society and institutional actors and NGOs. We all share the concern that the future regional policy is at high risk of missing the opportunity to fully involve relevant stakeholders, in order to improve the systems of ownership and responsibility, quality and delivery. “
“The Commission has introduced some good points in its proposals but the Council has been extremely conservative and has watered down this partnership principle and deleted a Code of Conduct. The Parliament improved some of the issues of concern but has given more prominence to local and regional authorities at the expense of socio-economic and civil society stakeholders.”
Quote 2: Sebastien Godinot, Economist at the European Policy Office
“Our colleagues in the field report that many Member States still refuse to consult them when designing the next Cohesion Policy programmes. We need minimum binding requirements to ensure a common level playing field in Europe and a clear Code of Conduct for their proper implementation. Missing such an opportunity in a time of crisis would be an unacceptable lost opportunity. It is time Member States come to the trialogue negotiation process between the Council European Parliament and Commission with a constructive approach.”

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Note for Editors
The trialogue on Cohesion Policy is supposed to be finalised in Spring 2013.
The organisations taking part in this action are:
Assembly of the European Regions
Birdlife Europe
CECODHAS Housing Europe
CEE Bank watch Network
CEE web for Biodiversity
CEKOR- Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development
Center for Transport and Energy
Clean Air Action Group
CSEMETE Conservationist and Environmental Association)
EKOS, Estonian Council of Environmental NGOs
Energy Cities
Enterprise and Regeneration  Cyfarwyddwr Menter ac Adfywiad
Euclide Network
European Anti Poverty Network
European Anti-Poverty Network-España
European Civil Society House
European Foundation Center
European Network for Social Integration Enterprises
European Public health Alliance
European Roma Policy Coalition
European Women’s Lobby
Friend of the Earth Czech Rep
Friend of the Earth Europe
Fundación Secretariado Gitano
Housing Europe Centre
ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability
National Society of Conservationists (Friends of the Earth Hungary)
Polish Green Network
REVES aisbl
SF team for Sustainable Future
Social Platform
The Association of European Border Regions
The European Disability Forum
Transport & Environment
WWF European Policy Office
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