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Harnessing the power of multi-lateral partnerships for trans-boundary conservation

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07 November 2012
ADB-WWF Partnership Manager Aaron Vermeulen delivered a key note speech on leveraging multi‐lateral partnerships to implement trans-boundary marine conservation at the recently concluded 2012 South China Sea (SCS) Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Titled "Sharing Knowledge, Resources and Technologies for a Sustainable SCS", the conference’s different sessions focused on regional cooperation in ocean and earth sciences research.

Addressing an audience of almost 70 participants, Vermeulen emphasised the economic value of natural capital in the Coral Triangle region, highlighting the work of WWF’s Coral Triangle Global Initiative on sustainable development for (marine) conservation using the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries and Food Security (CTI‐CFF) Framework.

“The profile of CTI-CFF at the recent Rio+20 Convention for sustainable development has reconfirmed its unique ability as a mechanism for regional collaboration to deliver on many of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development outcomes,” he stated.

Vermeulen further outlined engagements by providing examples on how supporting the establishment of platforms in aiding innovation and entrepreneurship can scale up the progress towards sustaining food security and livelihoods. In addition, he highlighted the progress of working on sustainable finance for Marine Protected Areas, and the latest developments in sustainable aquaculture in Malaysia.

“All efforts are small drops in the ocean,” he concluded. “Work in the CTI, for instance, can only be scaled up through (strong) partnerships.”

The long existing partnership of Asian Development Bank and WWF have been catalytic in both the establishment of the CTI, and in leveraging further investments for initiatives aimed at sustaining natural capital.

The SCS conference, organised by the University of Malaysia, was held last 21-24 October. It was attended by scientists, environmentalists, lawyers and policy-makers, and other stake-holders of the SCS.
Aaron Vermeulen at SCS 2012
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