Finance and Administration Manager, WWF- Thailand

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WWF Greater Mekong Programme                                           



Position title: Finance and Administration Manager, WWF- Thailand

Directly reports to: Country Director, WWF- Thailand

Technically reports to: Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO

Supervises: Finance Officer, Finance Assistant, Administration Officer, Clerk

Location: Bangkok, Thailand



WWF has a long established presence in the Mekong region, starting in Vietnam in 1990. Since then, WWF operations have grown to four Country offices based in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Laos (Vientiane), Thailand (Bangkok) & Vietnam (Hanoi), including a Regional team in the Hanoi, Vientiane and Bangkok offices. The ‘Greater Mekong Programme Office’ was officially formed in November 2005 merging WWF Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) and WWF Thailand. In order to be relevant with partners at provincial levels and deliver conservation results in landscapes, GMPO has also developed 20 field offices across the 4 countries and 6 landscapes.

Following a strong track record of conservation delivery over the last 20 years, WWF has established both the credibility and presence to deliver conservation impact at all levels from provincial, to national to regional.

WWF Greater Mekong Programme Office has embarked on new strategic plan FY11-FY15. The new strategic plan outlines changes in the way WWF GMPO operates, both in conservation and operation aspects.


  1. Major Function

The Finance and Administration Manager ensures the implementation of finance, accounting and administration (F&A) systems, policies, and procedures in the WWF Thailand Country Office and ensures that those comply with all local laws and other statutory requirements related to F&A in Thailand As a member of the Country Management Team (CMT), he/she shares responsibility for the overall performance of the Country Programme. He/she will build and implement an F&A action plan for the Country Programme in line with that of WWF GMPO Strategic Plan.


  1. Major Responsibilities
  1. Country Management Team
    • Is a member of Country Management Team (CMT)
  • Maintain an awareness of matters relevant to theCMT and ensures that reports and information of interest are brought to the attention of CMT members
  • Maintain an effective working relationship with all other CMT members to ensure that there is effective coordination of all activities in support of organisation objectives
  • Provide effective participation to the CMT meeting
  1. Strategy/Action Plan Development and Implementation
    • Participate in the working group to contribute to the development of the F&A strategy for GMP
  • Lead the development, implementation, review and update the F&A action plan for country program in coordination with Country Director, Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO, and key project leaders to ensure the alignment to WWF GMPO F&A Strategy and attainment and delivery of plans and objectives
  • Communicate the F&A action plan to all staff and ensure that these are effectively implemented
  1. Budgeting
    • Responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring and review of WWF Thailand annual core budget, programme and project budgets to ensure donor requirements are met, cost recovery is sufficiently budgeted, and a strong financial position for the Country
  • Strictly monitor core operating expenditure to ensure financial sustainability for WWF Thailand subjected to secured funding permit. Identify and highlight changes to secured funding scenario
  • Monitor expenditure against budgets and adviseCountry Director and  Managers of any significant variances
  1. System, Policies and Procedures Management
    • Contribute to the development and revision of all necessary F&A systems, policies and procedures to ensure all changes in the country and in local labour laws and regulations are reflected
  • Work as a custodian of F&A systems, policies and procedures, and WWF Network related standards at country level  to ensure the compliance with WWF GMPO standards and local relevant laws and regulations, and reflect the needs and objectives of the organisation and staff
  • Plan and organise the effective communications of all F&A policies and procedures to employees
  • Set up financial internal controls at WWF Thailand Country Programme and conduct periodical system review to ensure sound financial operation and management
  • Develop and control a centralized accounting system to ensure that accounts are effectively managed at WWF Thailand Country Programme
  • Monitor the implementation of the F&A systems, policies and procedures to ensure that they are followed by managers and staff
  • Work closely with Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO to ensure the proper use of accounting systems as documented under WWF International Field Operations Manual Part II to ensure correct implementation and adaptation for local conditions and structures at the WWF Thailand
  • Monitor the implementation of an effective cost recovery system
  • Monitor the operation of the WWF International approved ACCPAC for Windows accounting system in WWF Thailand
  • In consultation with Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO, prepare the operational manual for projects in country programme when necessary
  1. Overall Management
    • Develop, monitor progress, review and update F&A activity work plan to ensure that the organisation attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Oversee the provision of administration service to ensure all requirements are met and the office runs smoothly to support staff's daily work
  • In collaboration with HR Function, oversee the preparation and coordination of various office activities, i.e. meetings, team building, staff retreat, etc.
  • Ensure system back up, staff back up on accounting systems and software as and when required
  • Direct the preparation for all audit schedules including WWF's year-end external audit, individual internal project, or WWF GMPO audits and provide support during the audits
  • Prepare audit TOR, scope of work, audit contract for external audits of projects
  • Conduct internal audits to evaluate operations of the project offices in biannual basis
  • Present audit reports to the CMT to identify areas requiring attention
  • Co-ordinate and develop a response to the audit reports along with concise plans for implementing audit recommendations
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange with other countries in the GMP
  • Maintain an awareness of developments and up-to-date knowledge of the F&A management and legislation to ensure that the organisation complies with its statutory obligations and continues to take advantage of best practices
  1. People Management and Organisational Development
    • Review staffing requirements with Country Director and Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO to maintain F&A functions at WWF Thailand
  • Responsible for succession management planning for key F&A staff at country programme
  • Involve in the recruitment and selection of F&A staffand other staff at lower grades at country programme
  • Provide orientation and reorientation to staff to help them understand the F&A systems, policies and procedures of the organisation
  • Responsible as direct line manager of Finance Officer, Finance Assistant, Administration Officer and Clerk by reviewing individual work plan, managing performance, providing induction, training, coaching and advice to ensure that they are appropriately motivated and that they deliver the performance objectives
  • Update Project Managers on performance of Project Administrators
  • Work with HR Manager to identify training needs and development opportunities for supervised staff, to identify training needs in F&A for all staff at country programme and provide training when required
  • Advise the Country Director on all statutory and constitutional requirements related to F&A to ensure the organisation operates in a proper and effective manner
  • Recommend to the Country Director any changes that might be required to develop or improve the organisation
  • Maintain an awareness of staff comments and any complaints to identify any areas that may need development of improvement
  1. Issue Resolutions, Crisis/Risk Management
    • Provide comprehensive advisory to the Country Director, Programme and Project Leaders, staff on all aspects of F&A and provide virtual leadership, support to the field offices to ensure that the organisation follows policies, procedures, and legal requirements
  • Respond to queries and requests for all finance, accounting and administration related information from other WWF Regional and International functions
  • Maintain an awareness of any possible crisis or risk to the organisation and develop plans that will provide for such contingencies
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting
    • Provide support to monitoring and evaluation of F&A for WWF Thailand
  • Have overall responsibility for the preparation and review of consolidated financial reports prior to submission to WWF GMPO
  • Report the financial position of the WWF Thailand and individual project budgets on a quarterly and ad hoc basis to the Country Director and Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO
  • Produce an operating profit and loss account and balance sheet to provide accurate and timely financial information which meets regulatory and organisation requirements
  • Perform regular analysis of project financial reports to ensure proper and timely reporting to donors
  • Report back cost recovered to donors and Programme management
  • Prepare year-end accounting and taxation reports to ensure that the organisation complies with legal and organisation requirements
  • Review periodically submission of financial reports and financial operations from Field Offices to identify problems and solutions. Perform on-site visits to evaluate operations of the Project Offices if necessary
  • Makes reports in F&A to the Governments when required
  1. Other Technical Specifics
    • Maintain day-to-day control of all accounting systems to ensure the complete and accurate processing of financial data in accordance with internal procedures
  • Conduct regular internal control to ensure sound financial management
  • Co-ordinate with the Country Directors, Finance and Administration Director, WWF GMPO, Regional Programme and WWF International to establish project bank accounts
  • Review and monitor the use and flow of funds on all project accounts according to approved budget
  • Oversee the preparation of the organisation’s financial accounts to ensure that these are presented accurately and on time
  • Produce cash flows forecasts and variances against budget projections to assist decision making
  • Produce accurate and timely financial information about the organisation’s financial status andperformance to enable decisions to be taken relating to the organisation’s financial strength and security
  • Ensure that conversion of funds to local currency is done at the highest prevailing rate available at the time. Update and monitor cash flow projections and invests excess funds according to established policy
  • Conduct survey of services which are in great use of the organisation, i.e. stationery, air tickets, insurances, hotels, etc. and negotiate contracts with suppliers on the most cost-effective basis
  • Monitor external contracts and services provided by suppliers, consultants to ensure that these are operating effectively and provide the best value to the organisation
  • Oversee the purchasing of office equipments and assets to ensure the purchasing policies and procedures are strictly followed
  • Carry out all necessary actions to ensure that the organisation meets its financial and legal obligations
  1. Partnership Development and Networking
    • Establish and maintain good working relationships with donors and be a main contact liaison for financial related matters
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the external auditors to ensure compliance and cooperation with their requirements and to provide an effective audit trail
  • Establish and maintain effective formal and informal links with suppliers, service providers, agencies to ensure that the organisation is providing the appropriate range and quality of services
  • Promote and build good working relationships with all parts of the organisations
  • Promote the organisation’s image in the community by attendance at meetings and fora in F&A management

This TOR covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.


  1. Working Relationships
  1. Internal   
    • WWF GMPO: Work closely with Country Management Team, Project Managers, F&A team, regional finance team. Engage with and support WWF Thailand staff. Interact with finance teams of other country programmes in GMPO.
    • WWF Network: Work with and provide support to WWF International auditors for related issues
  1. External  
    • Interact regularly with government bodies, donors, counterparts, banks, tax agents, external auditors, consultants, suppliers. Engage with other organisations on Financial systems and practices for learning and sharing


  1. Requirements
  1. Education and Qualification
    • Bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting, Business Management, Business Administration, or in relevant fields
    • ACCA qualification or equivalent is preferred
  1. Knowledge
    • Basic knowledge of environmental and conservation issues in Thailand
    • Thorough understanding of international and local finance and accounting systems
    • Good knowledge of fund accounting including reporting requirements of major Bi-lateral Aid Agencies
    • Knowledge of information technology to a level to enable sound management of these functions
  1. Experience
    • 7 years of practical experience in finance and accounting management, 3 years of which should be in Thailand
    • Experience in implementing and monitoring the compliance of F&A system, policies and procedures, preferably the context of an international organisation
    • Experience in developing F&A systems, policies and procedures is an advantage
    • Experience of working in multi-cultural environment
  1. General Skill
    • Leadership and management
    • People management, coaching, mentoring and capacity building/development
    • Strategic thinking
    • Presentation, communications, and negotiation
    • Interpersonal
    • Virtual support
    • Fluency in written and spoken English and native language
    • Proficiency in MS Office
  1. Technical Skill
    • Financial analysis and management
    • Problem solving, and management of conflict and risk
    • Report writing
    • Organisational awareness
    • Proficiency in accounting software (ACCPAC)
    • Crisis management is preferred
  1. Ability
    • Working under pressure of deadline
    • Promoting team synergy in a multi-cultural work environment
  1. Personality
    • Decisive
    • Detail focus
    • Full of integrity


  1. WWF's Mission and Values
      1. It is part of every staff member's terms of reference to contribute to WWF's mission:

WWF’s Mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:

-  conserving the world's biological diversity

-  ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable

-  reducing pollution and wasteful consumption.

    1. It is also part of every staff member's terms of reference to embody WWF's values, which are: Passionate and Optimistic, Challenging and Inspiring, Credible and Accountable, Persevering and Delivering Results.


Salary Range: THB65,000 – 80,000 per month (Gross) depends on qualification, experience and competencies.


Interested applicant can send your application letter, updated profile to by 31 October 2012

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