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Towards a low carbon and energy efficient Europe: Share your views!

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25 October 2012

The European Union is the third largest world emitter of greenhouse gases. Further CO2 emission reductions in the EU are therefore key to fighting global climate change. WWF's goal is for the EU to achieve 95% greenhouse gas cuts and 100% renewable energy supply from sustainable sources by 2050.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world and its consequences are also knocking on Europe’s door, bringing heat waves, forest fires, prolonged droughts, and extreme rainfall linked to devastating floods in recent years.

Unacceptable risks of climate change can only be avoided if developed nations, including the European Union, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020 and by 95% by 2050. This would give a good probability of staying below 2° C warming, and keep WWF’s goal of a 1.5° C maximum within reach.

The European Union’s Member States have endorsed the 2° limit, but EU current targets are only at 20% by 2020, with an objective of 80-95% by 2050.

The EU needs to recognise the urgency of the climate and related environmental and economic crises. Promises made so far are too weak to protect both people and nature.

It is the responsibility of everyone, from individuals to government leaders, to act now.

Turning away from unsustainable energy and towards a climate-friendly future is also an opportunity for the European Union to realise many economic and social benefits.

Energy efficiency, emissions reduction, renewables and energy supply are among the main areas WWF is working on to fight climate change at EU level.

We are interested in hearing what you think the EU and its member states need to do to lead us towards a low carbon and energy efficient Europe. Share your views here!

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