More postcards arrive in Cambodia for tiger rangers

Posted on 23 August 2012  | 
More postcards for rangers of Mondulkiri Protected Forest arrived at WWF Cambodia on 17 August 2012
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A dozen more postcards for rangers working in Cambodia's Mondulkiri Protected Forest have arrived at the WWF office in Phnom Penh last week on 17 August.

The postcards came from Indonesia and Hong Kong in Asia, from Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK in Europe, and there were five postcards sent from the US. All had a heartfelt message of thanks for the rangers. Below are some of the messages.

"Wow. What a great job you have chosen. There are many of us who appreciate all you are doing to help preserve the tiger and the other endangered wildlife. Thank you for facing the danger and hardship."

"Thank you for your hard work in keeping the tigers alive in Cambodia. The world would be a very sad place if we were to lose the beautiful creature you are seeking to protect."

"The work you are doing are so important and I want to tell you how much me and so many others appreciate the work you and all other rangers are doing to protect the tigers. Keep up the good work!"

"Thank you for your efforts to protect tigers! You are true heroes and I admire you!"

"Thank you for keeping wild tigers safe. I value your efforts and want you to know that I care."

"Thank you for all you do to save the tiger."

The postcards, sent under the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative's Cards4tigers* action, will be making their way to the rangers in Mondulkiri soon. We will be posting photos of the rangers and their postcards then and also get their reaction. Word is that the rangers are deeply touched by the Cards4tigers action and that their work is being highlighted both in Cambodia and beyond.

Watch this space for more!

* Cards4tigers is a WWF initiative to tell rangers that around the world, people recognize and support their hard and dangerous work in keeping wild tigers safe. With fewer than 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild, poaching still is one of the gravest threats to their survival. Rangers are critical in the fight to achieve Zero Poaching of tigers and their prey, along with stopping the illegal wildlife trade.  

More postcards for rangers of Mondulkiri Protected Forest arrived at WWF Cambodia on 17 August 2012
© WWF-Cambodia / Eng Mengey Enlarge
Postcards for rangers of Mondulkiri Protected Forest received by WWF Cambodia, 17 Aug 2012
© WWF-Cambodia / Eng Mengey Enlarge

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