Indonesia: Panda Mobiles collect postcards for tiger rangers

Posted on 16 August 2012  | 
WWF volunteer explaining to students about the cards4tigers action
© Ibrahim / WWF IndonesiaEnlarge

WWF Indonesia's "Panda Mobiles" have been going around schools and public areas in Jakarta during the Muslim fasting month, collecting postcards for rangers at the Rimbang Baling Wildlife Reserve, part of the Central Sumatra tiger landscape.

All told, they have collected nearly 150 cards for the rangers, under the WWF Tigers Alive Initiative's Cards4tigers action to feature the work of rangers working in the tiger landscapes WWF is supporting.

In one event, the launch of Panda Mobile II, 38 postcards were collected from school children, aged between 9 and 12 years old, who had gathered at the Ancol Marine Park in Jakarta.

The two Panda Mobiles go round visiting schools, universities and public areas in Jakarta to spread the conservation message among city dwellers and conduct various education activities involving school children. They make between 10 to 15 trips a month, mostly by invitation. They are already fully booked for the month of September. No doubt they will continue to collect more postcards as they make their rounds.

The global Cards4tigers action enables people everywhere to tell these rangers they care and thereby help to boost morale and promote the rangers' work. Cards4tigers will run till June next year. Results from the action will be used to urge tiger range governments to invest more in the rangers and therefore in better protection and enforcement of the tiger's habitat. Rangers are critical towards achieving Zero Poaching

WWF volunteer explaining to students about the cards4tigers action
© Ibrahim / WWF Indonesia Enlarge

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