Call for Expression of Interest for Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures in Georgia under the EU Financed Project

Posted on 02 August 2012    
Closing Date for Submission of Expression of Interest : 10 September, 2012

Call reference number: WWf-Caucasus-02/02-SRV-NCP-GEO-2012/ENRTP

WWF Caucasus Programme Office (WWF-Caucasus) in partnership with WWF-Germany is involved in implementation of EU financed Project on Increasing the resilience of forest ecosystems against climate change in the South Caucasus Countries for the period of 2011-2014.

WWF-Caucasus is seeking for procurement of service contract to be concluded with a contractor to provide services for Implementation of Forest Transformation Measures in Georgia.

Detailed information on the Project is available from:

The contractor through forestry measures and technique (planting and maintenance) shall transform vulnerable monoculture pine stands into close to nature forests by seeding and planting native broadleaf tree species in open areas as well as under the shadow of the existing Pine trees on the 2 pilot sites in Georgia. The whole working area is fenced.

A detailed work plan for the contractor will be provided by WWF Caucasus programme Office prior to start of works. The implementation of activities will be supervised by the national coordinator of the Project.

NOTE : Location of the 2 Pilot Forest Sites :

Pilot Forest Site N1 – “KHASHURI” in Khashuri Municipality (Georgia) located on the state forest lands of the former Khashuri State Forestry, Forest Unit N.3, Forest Sub-Units NN.5-7 and NN.9-30 - currently under the management of Shida Kartli Service of the Natural Resources Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia.

Pilot Forest Site N2 – “TSAVKISI” in Tbilisi Municipality (Georgia) located on the former state forest lands of Kojori Forest Unit of the former Tbilisi State Forestry - currently under the management of Municipality of Tbilisi.

Detailed location and boundaries of the selected pilot forest sites already agreed with stakeholders, as well as relevant agreements with the stakeholders are available at the following web-pages:

For the Pilot Forest Site N1 :

For the Pilot Forest Site N2 :

Duration of the service contract: from October-2012 to December-2013.

Selected short-listed applicants will be invited to the negotiated competitive tender and asked for technical and financial offers according to the requirements of the Tender Dossier which will be sent to them.
Final selection of a contractor will be made in accordance with the quality-cost based selection method (technical component and price component).

Interested candidates should submit (via e-mail or in written form and with indication of call ref. number in subject line) the following application document:

Scanned version of a signed cover letter of stating an expression of interest with a possible starting date for the entire duration of the contract to:

Ms. Sofia Mgeladze
Project Regional Assistant (DCI-ENV/2010/221391)
WWF-Caucasus, Merab Aleksidze Str.11,0193Tbilisi,Georgia
Fax: + ( 995 32) 2-237-501
Tel.: + ( 995 32) 2-237-500 ext.110
Mob.: + (995 77) 58-58-68

with CC to:

Mr. Hannes Neuner
Project Advisor (DCI-ENV/2010/221391)
WWF-Caucasus, Merab Aleksidze Str.11,0193Tbilisi,Georgia
Fax: + ( 99532 ) 2-237-501
Tel.: + ( 99532 ) 2-237-500 ext.113
Mob.: + 49 176 53 36 87 39


Expression of Interest (EoI) is submitted in free format chosen by an applicant.

Expression of Interest (EoI) is an alternative to writing a fully-fledged selection-criteria response. The EoI might be with a maximum length such as 2-3 pages. Attachments are not required.

The EoI will outline what the legal/natural person is to do and the experience and skills needed to carry out the role.

The EoI can be set out in a number of ways, including:

• A series of paragraphs covering current activities, interest in the new engagement, examples from experience that are relevant to the skills and duties of the service, relevant qualifications.

• A series of headings, based on key experiences or activities/roles, with supporting examples.

Whichever way is chosen to set out information in the EoI, the aim is to make a convincing case that is easily judged by the reader/evaluators to mean that applicants are readily able to cope with the services required, will be productive quickly, will deliver outcomes.

For additional forestry related technical questions applicants could contact:

Mr. Hannes Neuner
Project Advisor (DCI-ENV/2010/221391)
WWF-Caucasus, Merab Aleksidze Str.11,0193Tbilisi,Georgia
Fax: + ( 99532 ) 2-237-501
Tel.: + ( 99532 ) 2-237-500 ext.113
Mob.: + 49 176 53 36 87 39

The deadline for submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) is:
10 September, 2012, 12:00 Local Time at WWF-Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Please reffer to the File for download.

SERVICE CONTRACT SHORTLIST NOTICE (posted on 18 September 2012)
Please reffer to the shortrlist notice for download.

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