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WWF’s CarBi Project strengthens local authorities’ capacity on wildlife survey

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28 June 2012
Hue, Vietnam 25 May 2012: WWF’s CarBi project arranged a training course for local authority and forest guards of Hue and Quang Nam Saola Nature Reserve. The trainees followed learning methodologies on conducting wildlife surveys, identifying important key species like red-shanked douc, white-cheeked crested gibbons, Asiatic black bears, sun bears, and tigers, in the classroom and practice in the field.

CarBi project and its partners have been implementing activities since middle last year in Xe Sap NPA in Laos, and in Saola Nature Reserves in Hue, and in Quang Nam, and in Bac Ma National Park in Vietnam to sustain natural resources and its service for local economy and their livelihoods.

“One of our objectives is to help build local capacity on survey techniques that they can use in the fieldwork”, said Fanie Bekker, the Transboundary Director, WWF’s CarBi project. “These people are really our champions on the ground, and without them, we will not be able to make a significant difference in biodiversity conservation, and the livelihoods it protects and enhances”, he added.

There are 40 forest guards and team leaders, government staff members from Hue SNR and from Quang Nam Saola NR. These 40 men will apply this newly gained skills towards better wildlife survey techniques, recording, analising, and monitoring. This will lead to the improved management of the Saola Nature Reserves, and will also reconfirm the importance of the strong partnership between WWF's CarBi and the relevant Vietnam government staff, confirmed Bekker.

Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetanus), India.
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