EU Parliament must counterbalance the Council on greening CAP

Posted on 19 June 2012    
Capoulas Santos
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Belgium, Brussels (Today) - Earlier this morning MEP Luis Manuel Capoulas Santos (SD) presented his report in the European Parliament Agriculture and Rural Development Committee. 
Tony Long, Director of the WWF European Policy Office, commented, “This report is a mixed bag for the environment but for the time being it is all we have to work with. For example, the proposal to guarantee that 30% of the Rural Development fund (Pillar2) supports environmental measures,   is positive. In addition the support by Capoulas Santos for a set list of environmental actions, and not just a menu under the greening of the direct payments system is crucial.”
Mr. Long continued, “The new co-decision powers given under the Treaty of Lisbon give the Parliament and Council equal footing in formulating farming policy. If Mr Capoulas Santos fails to create a counterbalance in the Parliament to the Council, which seems hell-bent on stripping any meaningful greening from the CAP reform, there is little hope for promoting sustainable farming in the next reform period.”
“Mr Capoulas de Santos also has to look at building a coalition to defend the progressive parts of his proposal from the die-hard anti-reformers on the Agriculture Committee who support industrialised farming,” added Mr. Long.
“We will continue to work with the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee on strengthening much further  the Parliament’s position.”

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