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The Circle 02.12

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18 June 2012
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Arctic peoples have depended on fish for their survival for centuries. Fisheries today provide vital income for many coastal communities in the region, and maintain an important role in subsistence. Arctic fisheries are also important for food security beyond the Arctic, as several of the world’s largest fisheries are found there, feeding consumers around the world.

At the same time as these fish stocks are growing in global importance, they are facing global threats. Overfishing has started to threaten some species, climate change is increasing sea temperatures, and the carbon dioxide driving climate change is also increasing ocean acidification. At the same time, the petroleum industry is showing a growing interest in the Arctic region, contributing to tension and strengthening the concern that co-existence of these two industries is impossible.

In this issue of The Circle, we look at the challenges faced by arctic fish stocks, and discuss solutions that can ensure a full and healthy arctic fish basket for future generations.
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