European Commission sends positive signal on renewables policy for 2030

Posted on 06 June 2012  | 
 WWF welcomes the Communication on renewable energy* published today by the European Commission which aims to launch the debate on a 2030 policy regime for renewables, building on the successful implementation of the 2020 target.

"A renewable energy target for 2030 is an essential element in the post-2020 strategy. It will keep Europe at the forefront of innovation, and will aid economic recovery by boosting jobs. An increasing role for renewable energy will also help to cut the hundreds of billions of euros (€315bn) Europe pays every year for imported coal, oil and gas," said Imke Lübbeke, Senior Renewable Energy Policy Officer at WWF European Policy Office.

The Communication highlights the importance and the successes of the 2020 renewables target for the production of energy from wind, solar and other renewable sources in Europe. The paper shies away from clear recommendations for 2030, even though the Commission’s own research shows the benefits of a target.

The current legislative framework offers further opportunities to improve the deployment and use of renewables, for example by enhancing cooperation between Member States. But investors need to know what to expect from the post 2020 period. A binding renewable energy target for 2030 would be a signal for the renewables market.

“Refining the details of a new legislation covering the period 2020-2030 will take time, but it is vital that we start by building solid foundations now. We look forward to member states backing a 2030 target,” added Imke Lübbeke.

Note to the editors:

* “Renewable Energy: a major player in the European Energy market”

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