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Development of TEEB Scoping Study for Georgia

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29 May 2012
WWF-Caucasus PO, in close association with the Ministry of Environment Protection of Georgia and UNEP, conducted an inception workshop “Development of a TEEB Scoping Study for Georgia” in Tbilisi, Georgia on 28 May 2012.
As TEEB now enters into Phase III which will focus on supporting the implementation of TEEB projects at the national level, expanding TEEB networks of experts, and improving communications and outreach. National TEEB projects will be implemented through the technical and logistical support of a host country institution, in close cooperation with national government ministries, and in cooperation with UNEP and other national and international organizations. Georgia has offered to be a pilot country for a TEEB Scoping Study with the view to carry out a national TEEB study or other TEEB projects of their choice. The TEEB Scoping Study for Georgia could be used as an example for other countries interested in similar exercises.
Participants of the workshop were presented project objectives and encouraged to participate in the development of the scoping study.