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Rowing Federation promotes World Water Day

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21 March 2012
To mark World Water Day 2012, World Rowing Federation (FISA), an official WWF partner have launched their environmental guidelines.

These guidelines are a great first step in shaping the impact rowing has as a sport on its direct environment and they form a good base to further develop the guidelines to set new standards in environmental sustainability.

“WWF are delighted to have supported the development of the new FISA Environmental Guidelines," manager of corporate relations at WWF International Jochem Verbene said. "We also look forward to working with FISA to ensure that these guidelines are properly implemented and embedded in all event processes, and to make these guidelines practical for local event organizers.”

WWF and FISA are using the alliance to promote Clean Water and to educate rowers and those who follow the sport, about its importance to the global environment.

Efforts will be made to establish new best practices in sustainable sports event management and to make environmental impact a more significant criterion in the event-bidding process, particularly in respect of the measures organising committees will take to ensure that rowing events do not have a negative impact on the water courses.
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