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Arjowiggins Graphic joins WWF International Climate Savers program

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23 February 2012
Paris, France - Arjowiggins Graphic, the leading manufacturer of technical and creative papers in the world has just joined the ambitious WWF International Climate Savers program joining other global companies such as Coca-Cola, Volvo, Sony and Nike.

The company is present in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and is the only paper manufacturer that has strongly reshaped its activity towards an innovative and leading sustainable business model. Arjowiggins Graphic manufactures paper with a high percentage of recycled fibres, and boasts the most extensive range of papers on the European market, establishing itself as the benchmark for recycled papers.

Created over 10 years ago, the WWF International Climate Savers program mobilises these leading multinational companies to cut their CO2 emissions in absolute terms and to lead on the issue of climate change. The program has shown that it’s possible to reduce carbon footprint while still growing the business and shareholder value.

Companies integrated in the Climate Savers Program agree to reduce their CO2 emissions in accordance with an individual reduction target defined by WWF, the company and independent technical experts.

The agreed goal is set to be more ambitious than the company’s initial plan, which will position the company as a leader in the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Arjowiggins Graphic’s Climate Savers commitment is to reduce its greenhouse gas absolute emissions of 23% between 2007 and 2014, with a sub-target of 10% reduction for each ton of paper produced. This will be achieved:
  • by the biomass steam production at Dalum using wood residues
  • by avoiding the use of natural gas,
  • by the growth of recycled paper volumes, and
  • by the replacement of synthetic binders to natural ones.
The independent technical experts from Ecofys will monitor the progress on a yearly basis and oversee that Arjowiggins Graphic complies with its targets.

“WWF International works with best-in-class companies in order to effect change throughout the entire sector by pushing sector leaders to take on ever more ambitious CO2 reduction targets. The Arjowiggins Graphic agreement is an opportunity to demonstrate that low carbon solutions exist even within sectors that are generally considered difficult," said Bruce Haase, WWF's Head of Climate and Business Engagement.

Agnès Roger, CEO of Arjowiggins Graphic says : "We are focusing on being exemplary in the management of our environmental impact. Energy efficiency management and greenhouse gas emission reductions are fundamental to our future and fully part of our Company strategy."

Ms Roger added, "We see the integration into Climate Savers program as a very good opportunity to leverage experience and knowledge with the best in class worldwide companies truly engaged in a low carbon economy."
Arjowiggins Graphic uses the Dalum Mill in Odense. The mill has used biomass since 2007 and distributes excess energy collected in the production process to 10,500 nearby houses, allowing the closure of a coal based energy unit.
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