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The Circle 03.11

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12 January 2012

WWF's Arctic History:

20 years of the Global Arctic Programme

This is a special year for WWF's Global Arctic Programme, as it marks 20 years since some visionary people decided to create a WWF body to champion conservation in the Arctic.
When the programme was founded in 1992, there was very limited understanding of the Arctic and its importance. Today, understanding of the Arctic is improved if still limited, but its importance is recognized as a variety of interested parties race to take advantage of its natural resources and shipping opportunities.

The reason for the renewed interest? Arctic temperatures are warming more than twice as fast as they are for the planet as a whole. Sea ice is melting. Northern shipping routes and oil deposits are reliably accessible for the first time.

But as the region warms and development increases, Arctic wildlife and peoples are beginning to live altered lives.

In this issue of the Circle, we celebrate the history of the Global Arctic Programme, and its ongoing mission to ensure a resilient, sustainable future for the Arctic.

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