Living Amazon Initiative: A Global Life-giving System

Posted on 19 September 2011  | 
The amazing Amazon: A global life - giving system
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The Living Amazon Initiative

Given that the forces shaping the Amazon Biome extend far beyond a local context and know no political boundaries, we can no longer work on pieces of the puzzle in isolation from one another. Rather, we must address the biome as a whole in order to secure the viability of the entire system.

Therefore, although WWF’s presence in the region has been key to many conservation results over the years, it is with the articulation of the Living Amazon Initiative in 2008 that WWF has been able to bring together 40 years of experience as part of a unified blueprint to address the challenges to the Amazon Biome as a whole.

The primary objective of developing the WWF Living Amazon Initiativeis thus to redouble our efforts as an organization on a scale equivalent and relevant to the scope of the problem at hand.
The amazing Amazon: A global life - giving system
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