Implementing in Georgia the EU Financed Regional Project on Increasing the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems

Posted on 20 August 2011    
During signature of agreement.
On 11th August 2011 Director of WWF-Caucasus PO Giorgi Sanadiradze and the Mayor of Tbilisi City Mr. Giorgi Ugulava have signed the Memorandum of Understanding on transformation of 75 Ha of monoculture forest area located within the administrative boundaries of Tbilisi Municipality into resilient to climate change forest stands close to natural conditions.
This memorandum was signed under the umbrella of the EU financed regional project "Increasing the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems against Climate Change in the Southern Caucasus through Forest Transformation" (DCI-ENV/2010/221391) implemented by WWF, and aimed to increase resilience of monoculture coniferous forest stands against climate change. The overall objective of the project is to mitigate climate change impacts and to improve biodiversity and livelihoods of local populations.

For more detailed information on the Project implementation in Georgia please contact:
Tamaz Gamkrelidze – the Project communication manager in Georgia ( and/or Zviad Gotsiridze – the Project national coordinator in Georgia (
During signature of agreement.
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