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Australia: Sick turtle appeal

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16 August 2011
Great Barrier Reef crisis: turtles are sick and starving to death!

Please make a donation by September 30th to help our marine turtles

The extreme weather events in Queensland in January deposited a 'triple whammy' of pesticides, sediment and fresh water on sea grass along the Queensland coast. And now our beautiful marine turtles are being subjected to another killer, a deforming virus that causes large tumorous lesions.

These combined threats have caused the Great Barrier Reef's polluted sea grass to die-off across massive areas and thousands of sick, starving and injured turtles have begun to wash up on our Queensland beaches.

And the prognosis? It will get worse.

WWF is and will do everything within our power to preserve turtle populations. Your donation to our turtle crisis appeal before September 30th will be used immediately across 3 programs to protect our marine turtles.

Donate now to the Turtle Crisis Appeal