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Photos from aerial elephant survey released

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14 June 2011
The WWF African Elephant Programme (AEP) and Zambia Country Office, in partnership with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), has carried out an aerial survey of the elephant population in Zambia's Luangwa ecosystem.

The survey, funded by WWF-AEP, covered approximately 30,000 square kilometers during 128 hours of flight time.

The objectives of the survey were to determine elephant distribution and to estimate population numbers for management purposes. Monitoring human activities that impact the status of the elephant population was also targeted.

The results of the survey are currently being progressed.

Prior to the project, ZAWA wildlife officers benefitted from three days of training to build their capacity on the use of new equipment purchased for the project. They learned how to capture the maximum amount of information when conducting an aerial survey.

Photographs taken from the aircraft show a female elephant with two offspring and herds of buffalo.
Conservation staff involved in the survey
© Twakundine Simpamba
A family of three elephants counted during the aerial survey.
© Twakundine Simpamba
A herd of buffalo
© Twakundine Simpamba
Zambia from the air
© Twakundine Simpamba