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Better investments in mining and forestry

Posted on
09 June 2011

As China’s role in the global economy is undergoing rapid transformation, a WWF report examines the impacts of China’s trade and investment in Africa, the Mekong region and Europe. The focus is on the environmental effects of resource extraction in developing countries resulting from demand in developed countries and the rise of China as a manufacturing powerhouse.

The report says that there is great scope for improvement in the way Chinese companies invest in the mining and forestry sector. It also highlights difficulties associated with cultural differences and lack of operational experience overseas.

Among recommendations, the report asks governments to encourage trade of sustainable goods and to partner with each other in order to monitor compliance of laws. On the other hand, corporations are encouraged to reduce intensity of natural-resource use, to become more aware of investment and environmental policies in the countries where they operate and to maintain dialogue with local and international civil society.

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