WWF expectations for the UNFCCC Bangkok Conference, April 2011

Posted on 29 March 2011    
Bangkok must agree on a process to operationalize the Cancun Agreements as well as lay the basis for increasing ambition especially in terms of mitigation and finance pledges in time for COP 17 in Durban.

The UNFCCC inter-sessional meetings in Bangkok present the first opportunity after Cancun to start to map out the way forward from the Cancun Agreements. The meeting must ensure there is no further slippage of the timelines agreed in Cancun, and lay the basis to set ambitious and achievable objectives for the Durban meeting at the end of this year and beyond. In terms of issues,

WWF has prioritized the following areas for early progress to be made in Bangkok:
• Enhancing Mitigation action through addressing the Gigatonne Gap
• Reaching agreement on sources of Finance
• Deepening agreements on Adaptation and Deforestation
• Deepening agreement on Low Emission Development Strategies differentiated for developed and developing countries.

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