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Building Capacity Through Experience Sharing

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06 January 2011
Achieving forest management certification can often be a time intenstive and challenging process. Companies setting out on this journey can often benefit from the lessons learned by those who have blazed this trail before them. Recognizing the value that exists in the experience and expertise inherent in a global network of committed companies, the GFTN programmes in North America and Russia organized a tour for GFTN-Russia participants of mills and forest lands of Domtar, the largest integrated manufacturer of uncoated freesheet in North America and a GFTN-North America participant.

During the visit, Russian companies were able to witness firsthand the forest management practices that Domtar employs in its forests, observing common equipment and techniques used in the field to ensure that these forests are well-managed. From witnessing culvert installations created to prevent stream degradation and sedimentation to the use of selective cuts and pre-commercial thinning and specific guidelines for road construction, the GFTN-Russia participants observed how to implement responsible forest management practices in line with the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification standards.

“This experience was an invaluable opportunity for Russian companies to learn from an industry leader what responsible forest management looks like on the ground,” said Alexander Voropaev, GFTN-Russia Manager. “Domtar’s commitment to responsible forestry and willingness to share their experience will serve to strengthen the ability of committed companies in Russia to also become leaders in the forest products industry.”

Lewis Fix, Domtar’s Vice President of Brand Management and Sustainable Product Development, echoed this sentiment and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to lead the industry in responsible forestry and trade. “Our commitment to responsible forestry and trade stems from a deep-rooted company belief in the importance of sustainability,” said Fix. “This commitment and our participation in the GFTN have proven to be a compelling differentiator for us in a high-visibility commodity market.”

Since 2008, Domtar has been working with the GFTN to advance responsible forestry and trade, achieving FSC certification for four of its production mills. With nearly half of the world’s harvested timber used by the pulp and paper manufacturers, commitments from companies like Domtar play a crucial role in influencing the sustainability of this critical sector of the global forest products industry.

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GFTN-Russia Manager Alexander Voropaev and GFTN-North America Programme Officer Jennifer Gerholdt in Domtar’s certified forest.