The Eastern African Marine Ecoregion: Towards the Establishment of an Ecologically Representative Network of Marine Protected Areas in Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique

Posted on 14 April 2005    

In all three countries, a large proportion of the rapidly increasing coastal population depends on marine resources for their food and income, inshore fisheries are over-exploited and degradation of marine and coastal ecosystems is escalating. MPAs are increasingly recognised as a tool for addressing these problems. In Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique there are 23 MPAs plus a further two areas (Tanga Collaborative Fishery Management Areas in Tanzania and Vilanculos Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary in Mozambique) that are included in this report as they are managed areas. 
Individual protected areas are unlikely to be fully successful and the need for networks is now generally recognised. Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique have committed themselves under regional and international treaties to establishing protected area networks and have set ambitious targets for achieving these. Tanzania, for example, has committed to increasing protection of its seas to 10% by 2012, and 20% by 2025.

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