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Health and Environment NGOs comment on Bisphenol A ban

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26 November 2010
NGOs respond to recent reports that the European Commission will ban the use of organic compound bisphenol A (BPA) in plastic baby bottles from 2011.

We welcome this first baby step that the European Commission has taken to ban bisphenol A in baby bottles - but this is not enough.  

Bisphenol A is widespread in the environment and in us, and babies are already exposed to it in the womb. So we believe the European Commission should aim to take adult steps and ban this hormone disruptor from all food contact materials such as can linings, and ultimately from all other products relevant for human and environmental exposure, e.g. the use in cash receipts.  

By a coalition of European NGO environment and health campaigners working on toxic chemicals:

European Environmental Bureau (EEB)

Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)

GLOBAL 2000 (Friends of the Earth Austria)

BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany)

WWF European Policy Office


The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)


France nature environnement (FNE)

Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF)

Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW)

For further information:
Ninja Reineke, Senior Policy Officer Chemicals, WWF European Policy Office,
T: +32 2 740 09 26

Bisphenol A used in the manufacture of products such as tin cans and baby bottles has proven cancer links
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