Technical tour of Bolivian cattle ranchers in Brazilian Pantanal

Posted on 12 November 2010  | 
On October, 20th and 21th, the Pantanal Programme - transboundary program co-implemented by WWF Bolivia and WWF Brasil - promoted and supported the realization of a technical tour to a ranch of organic cattle ranching production in the Brazilian Pantanal, with Bolivian cattle ranchers who are part of the project “Promoting the Appliance of Good Practices for Cattle Ranching in the Bolivian Portion of Pantanal”. The tour was attended by the Brazilian Association of Organic Cattle Ranching’s (ABPO) president, Leonardo Barros, Brazilian organic cattle ranchers, technicians from the Brazilian Research Company on Agriculture and Cattle Ranching (EMBRAPA), and from the Tropical Agricultural Research Center (CIAT) of Bolivia participate of this tour.

This meeting happened in the framework of a planned cycle of exchange of experiences and technologies between producers of both countries, with the objective to strengthen the process of appliance of good cattle ranching practices in the Bolivian Pantanal, so that Bolivian cattle ranchers would know from the experience of their Brazilian colleagues the benefits and difficulties to become an organic cattle rancher, and the headways made to reach it.

Another significant point was the meeting between technicians from CIAT and EMBRAPA, who under an existing cooperation agreement, visualized its concretization in the region regarding good cattle ranching practices, in collaboration with WWF.

The project “Promoting the Appliance of Good Practices for Cattle Ranching in the Bolivian Portion of Pantanal” is part of the 2010-2012 EAP, in which collaborate WWF Bolivia and WWF Brazil in an approach that consider the entirety of the Pantanal Basin to implement a single program with common activities in both countries.
Bolivian cattle ranchers in technical tour in Brazilian Pantanal
© Victor Hugo MAGALLANES / WWF Bolivia Enlarge

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