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IMD partners with WWF to offer best in class sustainability program for business leaders

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21 June 2010
Lausanne, Switzerland – IMD, a top-ranked business school worldwide, and WWF, the leading conservation organisation, are teaming together to offer “One Planet Leaders” (OPL) – an innovative training program for driving sustainability into the core of business.

The program’s learning focus is on developing a winning business case and robust strategy for change, leading to sustainable practices which also deliver more profit to the company. The program is designed for leaders who operate at a strategic level and can drive change, and is open to managers in business functions such as general management, R&D, procurement/supply, marketing and sales; and in sustainability functions.

Participants join a vibrant global network of peers and experts, and learn from an inspiring faculty which draws from the best of academia, NGOs and the private sector.

“Leading companies increasingly recognize the importance of mainstreaming sustainability skills and competencies across the business,” said Michael Yaziji, IMD Professor of Strategy and OPL program co-director. “The program is designed to support this need and to grow a global network of skilled One Planet Leaders.”

The program will run for the first time in partnership, in Autumn 2010 and will feature three 3-day modules focused on strategy, change management and leadership in the sustainability context. Participants will work on their real-world sustainability challenges while being introduced to the complex issues and best practices in sustainability. Pre-, inter- and post-module support will help participants drive and sustain their sustainability change initiatives.

“One Planet Leaders is more than a leadership program where you learn the best management skills. Sure, you will get this, but you will also be able to go deeper”, says Carolina Moeller, OPL program co-director at WWF International. ”One Planet Leader invites you on a journey in personal development and self-realization. It helps you explore who you are and what you want to be, and from there understand your unique role in creating the future”.

Companies will benefit in that their top managers will be able to drive innovation to build competitive advantage while solving some of the key sustainability challenges facing the planet.

The One Planet Leaders program was first launched by WWF in 2007, and since that time 200 business leaders have completed the course.

Why One Planet?

We only have one planet to support us - this may be stating the obvious but the serious social and environmental challenges facing the world stem from viewing the planet as an infinite source of clean air, clean water and ‘free’ natural capital on which to build our global economy. Today we are consuming almost 50% more than the planet can sustain and so need 1.5 planets to meet our global demands.

Climate, security, food, health, justice and economic growth - these are big issues and the way we manage our environment is vital to all of them. The private sector has a key role to play in reversing the trends of environmental degradation and social inequality, and is uniquely positioned to lead global solutions through new business models and innovation.

One Planet Leaders is designed to help companies meet this challenge. It develops dynamic leaders who can integrate sustainability into all aspects of decision making and build a better more equitable society within the limits of our one planet.

One Planet Leaders

Launched by WWF in 2007, One Planet Leaders originates from a series of workshops on sustainable business development run with WWF corporate partners. Today it includes an accredited Masters level Executive Education programme – available in Europe and Asia Pacific; three Modular Workshops – accessible as customized training in companies and in regions; a stand-alone Sustainability Master class; an active global Alumni Community with almost 200 members; and a One Planet MBA under development.

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