IMD center for corporate sustainability management recognized at EFMD conference for award-winning case on WWF-Allianz partnership | WWF

IMD center for corporate sustainability management recognized at EFMD conference for award-winning case on WWF-Allianz partnership

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08 June 2010
IMD’s Center for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM) was recognized today at the Annual Conference of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) for its award-winning case: “Feeling the Heat: Allianz and WWF push an industry toward climate change action”.

The case study won first prize in the Banking/Finance category and is one of four IMD awards being attributed at this year’s EFMD case awards ceremony.

"Since one of the strategic objectives of our center is to contribute to the mainstreaming of corporate responsibility issues on the business strategic agenda, we are particularly encouraged by the fact that this case won an award in the Banking/Finance category at a time when this category must have many compelling cases because of the events up to and during the currently ongoing financial crisis,” said Dr Aileen Ionescu Somers, Director of the CSM. “Winning in this mainstream category will particularly increase pick up of the case by banking and finance professors for use in business school and university syllabuses worldwide."

The WWF/Allianz case documents the efforts of two leading organizations – the global insurance company, Allianz and the international NGO, WWF – to roll out an initiative to understand the business impacts of climate change. It follows Allianz and WWF during their experience of building a partnership for action leadership and illustrates the challenges and obstacles encountered during implementation.

Dr Ionescu-Somers added: "This case helps companies and organizations to better understand the challenges of rolling out sustainability strategies, and particularly in difficult business circumstances, illustrates the barriers and success factors of corporate sustainability partnerships and changes the traditional perception of business responsibility in pushing forward the agenda for action on climate change and other “mega-issues” The case cuts through complexity and provides a great learning experience for managers."

Mathias Kopp, leader of the climate and enterprise initiatives at WWF Germany, commented: "The Allianz and WWF joint venture evolved from an initial collaborative awareness-raising effort to become an action-driven partnership with the ambition to lead the financial industry on the climate change issue by example. The partnership provided insights for the insurance industry, but also the financial services industry as a whole, to the level of understanding required and for implementation of sustainable strategic directions."

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