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WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 20 –quarterly digital newsletter

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17 February 2010
This is the third entirely digital edition of our quarterly newsletter WWFolio Bolivia, aiming at reducing our ecological footprint as an office, saving on paper, ink and mailing expenses. We invite you to read about our ongoing projects, share this bulletin with your contacts or subscribe to this mailing list contacting wwfolio@wwfbolivia.org.

In this edition you can read about:

  • Latin America and the Caribbean facing Climate Change: Performance and commitments of the region’s countries at COP15
  • Jaguars in South America and the Pantanal: its conservation is possible
  • WWF is recognized for its work in the Bolivian Pantanal
  • Municipal environmental management key to sustainable development of the Pantanal and south-eastern Bolivia
  • Closure of community sustainable development projects at Iténez Protected Area
  • Talking to Fernando Trujillo
  • WWF gets recognized for its support to responsible forest trade
  • Training in Forest Enterprises Accounting System (Sconef)
  • Sustainable Forest Management: An opportunity to consolidate Indigenous Communal Lands in Bolivia
  • Earth Hour 2010: Bolivia gets ready to participate
  • Oxígeno Music Group adheres to WWF’s Earth Hour
  • Climate Change Forum: Effects, Impacts, Opportunities and Challenges for Bolivia
  • Copenhagen Accord: half-baked text and unclear substance
  • WWF Bolivia Budget Execution –by Programmes
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