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Industry Leaders Pledge to Protect World’s Forests

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01 December 2009
As the world’s largest consumer of industrial timber, pulp and paper, the United States market is critical to protecting forests worldwide. GFTN-North America is engaging with U.S. companies to green their supply chains, recently welcoming Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Tetra Pak, Inc. and HP. With these new commitments the businesses will build long-term foundations of sustainability in the paper sector and help conserve forests by sourcing and trading responsible forest products.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, a leading global producer of tissue products, has pledged to purchase 40 per cent of its North American tissue fiber—about 600,000 tonnes—will come from recycled or FSC-certified sources by 2011. They will also support WWF as we develop tools to identify and monitor forests of critical importance in Sumatra to safeguard the region’s biodiversity.

“Sustainability is foundational to our business strategy at Kimberly-Clark,” said Tom Falk, Chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark Corporation. “We continue to focus on our strategy for sustainable growth and know that companies who make better choices for the environment and society will contribute to a healthier planet, and achieve long-term success.”

Tetra Pak, Inc., a manufacturer of food processing and packaging systems, has been participating in GFTN programmes in Sweden and the United Kingdom. They have now pledged to expand their efforts to North America. Through their participation in GFTN, Tetra Pak will strengthen its responsible fiber sourcing and will gradually increase the FSC-certified content in its packaging.

“By joining the WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network in North America, we’ll be adhering to the gold standard of sustainable paper sourcing and mill management,” said Ed Klein, Tetra Pak Inc.’s VP Environmental Affairs. “In addition, we have committed to implement a responsible purchasing policy for wood and paper for internal use in our US and Canada facilities, giving preference to FSC and post-consumer recycled content.”

HP has joined GFTN to further the company’s efforts in protecting the world’s forests. HP has set a goal for 40 per cent of paper sales to come from FSC-certified and recycled sources by 2011. To help meet this goal, HP will engage with suppliers and inform customers of this new initiative to reduce their impact on the environment.
“We look forward to working closely with WWF to demonstrate the importance of responsible and sustainable forest management practices,” said Glen Hopkins, vice president, Global Media Business, HP.

As these companies commit to building a sustainable market for forests products, they display to customers and competitors that they are willing and determined to make smart choices that are good for the environment.  And the impact of their collective commitments will play a significant role in increasing the uptake of responsible forest management throughout the world.

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