Publication: WWF Climate Savers Innovations Case Studies | WWF

Publication: WWF Climate Savers Innovations Case Studies

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18 December 2009

Innovation is central to successful business – the need to move forward demands new ideas and approaches, as demonstrated by Climate Savers companies in this collection of case studies.

Innovations developed include creative ideas in renewable energy generation, management initiatives designed to motivate and fully involve staff, adaptation of business models and cutting back travel through the use of leading edge telepresence solutions. All in all, Climate Savers companies have driven forward the emission-reduction agenda with vigour and determination.

More information on WWF Climate Savers:

  • Reaching a point of no return: How Elopak rolls out CO2 reduction initiatives.
  • Fairmont Hotels & Resorts stretching the targets for climate action at landmark hotels.
  • Developing IT solutions for reducing travel-related CO2 emissions: HP Halo collaboration solutions.
  • What does it take to get projects off the ground? Johnson & Johnson capital relief funding for CO2 reduction projects.
  • Lafarge’s C-O-Tool: Supporting CO2 mitigation decision-making.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks: Connecting Business growth and emissions reductions.
  • Developing an innovative business model: Novo Nordisk and Dong Energy driving the market for renewable energy in Denmark.
  • Sagawa Express delivers on climate change innovations for the transport industry.
  • Lowering CO2 emmissions from products: Sony’s eco-innovation for televisions.
  • Breaking down alignment barriers: Tetra Pak pulls together allies to reach climate goals.
  • Removing barriers to innovation: Xanterra Parks & Resorts gaining scale in on-site solar power generation.
WWF Climate Savers Innovations Case Studies