Environmental Education Programme in Joal Fadiouth: using paintings to sensitize

Posted on 25 September 2009    
painted by students
© Anyobe WWF WAMER
The second phase of the environmental education programme started in Joal Fadiouth, an area where WWF WAMER is very active mainly through the development and the management of the marine protected area, the protection of sea turtle, restoration of the mangrove, sustainable fishery, and thrash management.

A survey conducted recently by WWF volunteers has shown that Environmental education programme is the best way to sensitize people on environment degradation in Joal Fadiouth.

The Environmental Education Programme (EEP) is directed to primary and secondary schools in Joal Fadiouth with 80 schools boys and girls between the age of 8 and 15. The EE Programme is conducted with three steps:
  1. School boys and girls are given lessons and information about the environmental problems Joal Fadiouth is facing like degradation of the mangrove, depletion of fish stock, sea turtles consumption;
  2. They are taken in the field to see the reality of those issues; all these steps are done under the supervision of teachers and environment and fishery experts.
  3. After combining and collecting information, they produced factsheets, and paintings. This year, the novelty is that schools boys and girls based on what they have seen and learnt will produce works of art on environmental thematic with the help of professional painters.
Those who will make the best paintings will be awarded during a public ceremony.
painted by students
© Anyobe WWF WAMER Enlarge

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