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Field report to Belize Marine Program

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21 May 2009
A presentation on sea turtles, their nesting behavior, and identification characteristics was given at the WCS research facility on Middle Cay, Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve.

The  presentation included detailed information on identification of adults, hatchlings, eggs, and tracks of three species of turtles that occur at GRMR. Nesting habitat needs and threats, natural and man-made, were discussed.

Participants included six Fisheries Department staff, including the Managers of Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, and GRMR, as well as a biologist and two rangers from the GRMR.

In addition, two land owners of GRMR cayes attended, and three WCS/Belize staff.

After the presentation, we visited Long Caye and Northeast Caye and discussed nesting habitat condition and artificial lighting. Handouts on species identification characteristics and artificial beach lighting were provided.
Field report to Belize Marine Program
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