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17 April 2009
WWF WAMER clarifies the debate between the Senegalese Minstry of Environment and Ministry of Fisheries (Ministry of Maritime Economy) over administrative and technical supervision of the AMP. The intense media campaign included press releases, publicized stakeholder interviews and a field visit to the WAMER supported Marine Protected Area in Joal Fadiouth all of which encouraged the Senegalese government to take a final decision. The Head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Maritime Economy announced the formation of a Marine Protected Areas Directorate within his Ministry at the recent General Assembly of GREP the environmental press NGO, The announcement followed a marine protected areas (MPA) co-management workshop which brought together MPA managers, fisheries managers, and MPA management committees during which the participants voiced serious concerns about several issues including MPA funding and the
impediments to operations linked the confusion within government between the two ministries.
visit to Cayar with the Wamer staff
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