WWFolio Bolivia - Special Edition - WWF's 15th anniversary in Bolivia

Posted on 25 March 2009    
WWFolio Bolivia 16
© WWF Bolivia / Barbián Comunicación
Today we bring you a special edition of our quarterly newsletter, summarizing some of the achievements to which WWF has contributed during the past 15 years in Bolivia, related to sustainable development and conservation.

In this edition you can read about:

  • Creation of national protected areas in the Bolivian Pantanal
  • Declaration of the Bolivian Pantanal as a Ramsar site
  • Creation of the Association of Municipalities of the Bolivian Pantanal
  • Communication and education in favor of the Pantanal
  • Development and application of a Pantanal educational curriculum
  • Developing a technical foundation for sustainable development
  • Sustainable productive systems
  • Ecoregional trans-boundary planning for the Cerrado-Pantanal
  • Support for the creation of protected areas in the Amazon
  • Sustainable management of natural resources with local communities
  • Generation of technical information
  • Sustainable tri-national forestry development
  • Inter-institutional coordination
  • The Bolivian river dolphin (Inia boliviensis)
  • Land use planning in the Amazon
  • Supporting forest certification leaders
  • Sustainable management and certification with communities in Latin America
  • Community management in Bolivia
  • World leadership in FSC certification
  • The Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN)
  • Signing of agreement with the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra: responsible purchase of forestry products
  • Twinning between the cities of Barcelona and Santa Cruz de la Sierra
  • One Tree Bolivia: integrating art and conservation
  • National Protected Areas Day in Bolivia
  • Bolivia joins the fight against climate change turning off the light


WWFolio Bolivia 16
© WWF Bolivia / Barbián Comunicación Enlarge

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