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Posted on 21 November 2008    
Let's leave our children a living planet...
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This video was broadcast on two popular TV channels of Armenia for 160 times during the month of campaign on “Reserves and National Parks of Armenia” held at Armenia Marriot Hotel this year.

It aims to promote wider outreach and public awareness on importance of specially protected nature areas in Armenia.

The reserves and national parks are established to contribute to nature protection, biological diversity conservation and its natural reproduction, careful and sustainable use of bioresources, which are among major prerequisites for development of Armenia. They help protect species, landscapes and water recourses, support livelihoods for local people, and provide tourism and recreational opportunities.

Threats to protected areas in Armenia are poaching, illegal wildlife trade, illegal logging, mining and infrastructure development.

Causes of the threats are poor governance, inadequate policies and laws, lack of alternative livelihoods, lack of financial resources, low public awareness.

Solutions are sustainable funding of PAs, human - wildlife conflict resolution, alternative livelihoods for local people, participation of local people in establishment and management of PAs, equitable and fair share of costs and benefits from PAs. 

For further information:

Arthur K. Khoyetsyan, Partnership Development Manager
Tel: (+374 10) 58 89 83, 54 61 56 (ext. 14)


Let's leave our children a living planet...
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