The 3º Workshop of Natural Science Teachers was successfully carried out in Yhu

Posted on 24 October 2008    
vivero Yhu Paraguay
Francisco Pereira exponiendo sobre experiencias con los Viveros que apoyo WWF
© Cinthya Arias
On October 24th, in the town of Yhú (Departamento de Caaguazú), the volunteers Christopher and Marissa Updike were the hosts of the third encounter.

The coordination of volunteers and environmental education of WWF attended the event to talk about the Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná, the paraguayan legislation of the environment as well as the positive experiences of environmental initiatives (breeding grounds, reforestation plans, environmental days, etc.)

As always, members of Reforestemos Paraguaya organization (REFOPAR), to whom we are thankful, were supporting those activities.

The representatives from the educative institutions that were present:

1.Basic School Nº 3576 “Virgen de Fátima”
2.Basic School Nº 3131 “San Isidro Labrador”
3.National Lyceum “Santo Domingo” (Vaquería)
4.National Lyceum “Emmanuel”
5.National Lyceum “San Francisco Sidepar”
6.Basic School Nº 3762 “Mitâ Kuéra Roga” Arapoy
7.Basic School Nº 5041 “Santa Librada”
8.Basic School Nº 3118 “Virgen de Caacupé”
9.Basic School Nº 3138 “Bella Vista”
10.Basic School Nº 3110 “Niño Jesús”
11.Basic School Nº 2915 “San José”
12.Basic School Nº 3176 “Yataity”
13.Basic School Nº 3122 “Maracaná”
14.National Lyceum “Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Mbocaja´i”
15.National Lyceum “Maria Auxiliadora”
16.Basic School Nº 4082 “ San Antonio”
17.Basic School Nº 3125 y 3126
18.Basic School Nº 3214 “Maria Auxiliadora”
19.Basic School Nº 4112 “Espíritu Santo”
20.Basic School Nº 1599 “Vaquería”
21.Basic School Nº 3102
22.Basic School Nº 3106
23.National Highschool “Santo Tomás de Aquino”
24.Basic School Nº 3105
25.Basic School Nº 3113
26.Basic School Nº 1600
27.Basic School Nº 3895
28.National Highschool “San Miguel Arcángel”
29.National Lyceum Depositolue
30.Basic School Nº 3103 “San Ramón Nonoto”
31.Basic School Nº 3111 “ Virgen de la Candelaria”

As consequence, a Management Committee was conformed to create a forest breeding ground in the area of the town's Municipality. We thank the good predisposition of the intendant, who was willing to collaborate in future jobs of the breeding ground.
vivero Yhu Paraguay
Francisco Pereira exponiendo sobre experiencias con los Viveros que apoyo WWF
© Cinthya Arias Enlarge
Yhu Paraguay taller
Participantes del 3º Taller en Yhu
© Cinthya Arias Enlarge
Vivero Yhu Cuerpo de Paz
Municipalidad de Yhu quien apoyará la creación del Vivero Comunitario
© Cinthya Arias Enlarge

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