On WWF initiative, the Amudarya reserve in Turkmenistan became half an island bigger

Posted on 29 April 2008  | 

After a revision of the border, half an island that belonged to the Uzbekistan’s Kyzylkum reserve went over to Turkmenistan. To preserve the protected status of this area, WWF asked Turkmenistan to include it into its Amudarya state nature reserve, located nearby.

“This is a very small area, of about 1500 hectares. However, it is important for the Bukhara deer conservation”, says Olga Pereladova, head of the WWF Central Asia Programme.

The Bukhara (Bactrian) Deer is a migratory species, and regularly crosses the border between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In 2002, both countries signed the Memorandum of Understanding concerning conservation and restoration of the Bukhara deer in the frame of the Convention on Migratory Species. “Having decided to preserve the protected status of nature in its “new” pieces of land, Turkmenistan demonstrated its commitment to the Memorandum”, says Olga Pereladova.

Also, this decision was a small, but important step towards the creation of a trans-boundary system of protected areas in the frame of the WWF “Econet – Web for Life” project.

The marks on the ground show that this place on the Amudarya river is popular with the deer
© WWF-Russia / Valentina Marochkina Enlarge

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