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HP commits to further GHG emissions reductions in joining WWF Climate Savers

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13 February 2008
HP, one of the world's largest IT companies, has pledged to reduce the emissions from its own operations and the use of its products to 6 million tonnes (20%) below 2005 levels by 2010. 

Progress towards this goal, a commitment entered into in joining the World Wildlife Fund/WWF Climate Savers program, has been so significant that HP is now looking to define new goals. 

In energy terms, HP has now committed itself to reduce energy consumption by 15 percent in its operations from 2005 levels, while achieving a 25 % reduction in the energy used by its products and operations combined below 2005 levels by 2010.  Even with an increase in revenues, total energy use was down 19.2 % below 2005 levels by October 2007.

“WWF commends HP for its strong commitment to energy reductions—not only within its own operations, but in placing a strong emphasis on increasing energy efficiency in its products,” said Carter Roberts, WWF-US President and CEO. “HP’s bold actions should serve as a model for other technology companies seeking to transform the way they do business to help protect the planet.”

“HP has been an environmentally-sensitive company for decades; it’s simply part of our culture and DNA,” said Mark Hurd, Chairman and CEO, HP. “We take a leadership role in climate change initiatives like WWF Climate Savers, and we will continue to seek innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint."

HP’s announcement comes as companies from around the world gathered to discuss business strategies to reduce climate change at the Climate Savers Tokyo Summit. During the summit, HP said it will sign the Tokyo Declaration – a call to action and renewed commitment on global warming.

Between 1987 and 2007, HP recycled one billion pounds of its products, representing 900,000 tonnes of avoided greenhouse gas emissions, and it set a new goal to recover another one billion pounds by the end of 2010.

HP made further progress in January 2008 when it announced a commitment to reduce the energy consumption of its volume desktop and notebook PC families by 25 percent by 2010, and today it is working to consolidate its 85 data centers worldwide into six data centers with high-efficiency servers and cooling technology.

Beginning in 2006, HP embarked on a joint initiative with World Wildlife Fund-US to establish an absolute reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions from HP’s operating facilities worldwide, explore efficiency goals for products, educate and inspire others to adopt best practices for climate change initiatives and use HP technology in conservation efforts around the world by 2010.

WWF’s Climate Savers was founded in 1999 and currently comprises 15 major international companies committed to reducing their total emissions by over 10 million tons of carbon dioxide per year.

In its first attendance at a WWF Climate Savers Conference - this year starting on 15 January hosted by Sony Corporation in Tokyo - HP is expected to join other leading global brands calling for more concerted action on climate change.

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