WWFolio Bolivia Nr. 11 - quarterly news bulletin

Posted on 07 November 2007    
WWFolio Bolivia 11
© WWF Bolivia / Barbián Comunicación

Enjoy the reading of October 2007's edition of WWFolio Bolivia bulletin! In this edition you can read about:


  • It’s possible and we must! Editorial on forest fires and its severe effects


  • The Pantanal: one of eight Ramsar sites in Bolivia - An opportunity for sustainability in the region
  • Eco Pantanal 2007: Supporting responsible municipal environmental management
  • Endemic fish in the Upper Watershed of the Paraguay River: The Chiquitano cichlid (Bujurquina oenolaemus)
  • San Matías Protected Area celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • Waste management with local participation


  • At Iténez River in Bolivia: Continental scale monitoring confirms highest count of South American River Dolphin
  • The Bolivian Armed Forces and the Environmental Sentry Project
  • A walk on a bed of clouds: A day in the Tiquipaya Reserve
  • OUR PARTNERS: Cideder
  • WWF promotes the strengthening between Bolivian and Peruvian Reserves


  • www.panda.org/bolivia/ftn: The FTN and market links via the Internet
  • Participating forestry companies in the FTN are already implementing their Responsible Purchase Policy


  • Registro Civil Silvestre: Celebrating nature in verses


  • Meet WWF Bolivia’s partners
WWFolio Bolivia 11
© WWF Bolivia / Barbián Comunicación Enlarge

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