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Bukhara deer released in Uzbek nature reserve

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31 October 2007

Tashkent, Uzbekistan – A group of Bukhara deer was released in Uzbekistan’s Zarafshan Nature Reserve, marking an important milestone for a WWF project aimed at protecting the endangered species throughout Central Asia.

The animals, raised in nearby holding pens, are the second group to be set free in the reserve, following a successful release in 2005. A similar release took place in Kazakhstan in February 2007.

“The newly released animals in Uzbekistan are going to join ones that have already adapted to their wild surroundings,” said Olga Pereladova, head of WWF’s Central Asia Programme.

“We anticipate that the two herds will integrate well and breed more actively.”

Since WWF started its Bukhara deer conservation project in Central Asia, the population has increased to 1,000, up from only 350 in the 1990s.

“We started the project when the species was really under threat of extinction,” Pereladova added.

“With good protection measures against poachers and logging activities, we hope to see this unique deer species thrive.”

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