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Saving nature with EU neighbours

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29 August 2007
EU neighbouring countries have a rich heritage of species, natural areas and landscapes which are hugely important to protect. They are also key for economic and social development.

WWF sees the European Neighbourhood Policy as a major opportunity to protect and sustainably manage natural resources and ecosystems as well as contribute to the transfer of new environmental technologies. However, ENP projects related to issues such as transport, energy and tourism may also put at risk sensitive natural areas, unless their environmental impact is properly assessed and monitored in consultation with the civil society.

WWF works in Brussels and in the neighbouring countries to ensure that the ENP effectively contributes to sustainable management of natural resources and environmental governance.

Concrete results of WWF 's work on the European Neighbourhood Policy are presented in the brochure "Saving nature with EU neighbours".
The Danube Delta is the breeding ground for large colonies of Great White Pelica