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Marine Turtle Newsletter

Posted on
10 April 2007
Special focus issue on Marine Turtles in Atlantic Africa. Published by, edited by Michael S. Coyne.

Proceeding to the Future
M.S. Coyne

The Oldest Place Where There is Always Something New
J.G. Frazier

An Update on Marine Turtles in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa
J.G. Peñate et al.

An Update on Sea Turtle Conservation Activities in the Republic of Congo.
G. Bal et al.

Conflicts & Social Dilemmas Associated with Capture of Marine Turtles by Artisanal Fishers in Benin
J.S. Dossa et al.

Marine Turtle Mortality in Southern Gabon and Northern Congo
R. Parnell et al.

Artificial Lights as a Significant Cause of Morbidity of Leatherbacks in Pongara Natl. Park, Gabon
S.L. Deem et al.

Observations of Marine Turtles in Relation to Seismic Airgun Sound off Angola
C.R. Weir

Fibropapillomatosis confirmed in Chelonia mydas in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa
A. Formia et al.

Presence of Sea Turtles in Traditional Pharmacopoeia and Beliefs of West Africa
J. Fretey et al.

Discovery of a Gabonese Leatherback in South Africa
J. Fretey et al.

Second TAMAR-Tagged Hawksbill Recaptured in Corisco Bay, West Africa
A. Grossman et al.